Travel Tip- Got Time

 Don't  leave the traveling for 'another day' or 'maybe next year', you just never know what your Elderly Travellers  health might be 12 months down the track.

Many Elderly Travellers I know put off their dream trip when they were younger, and now can't see any way of actually making it happen.

        They always though that they would get around to it.

 After years of child-rearing and careers they thought when they hit retirement the world would be their oyster.
It becomes clear that as the years pass, it doesn't get easier, your health issues increase, your mobility decreases,  you don't find the time and your family obligations don't evaporate.
Sometimes you face the loss of your partner before you get around to taking that second honeymoon or 50th anniversary trip.

If your fit and healthy enough for the type of trip you are thinking of taking..just do it, find a way.
 It’s a cliche, but you’re not getting any younger, so just go for it.

If you don't make it happen, no one else will.

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