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Prepare to Prevent

We both start taking a herbal or vitamin supplement before we leave, usually for a week, to build up immunity for the airports and flights.   I take  Echinacea Garlic Zinc & C
I feel we need to boost our immunity due to the long time period in the aircraft, the drier air and the fact that the aircraft is large therefore more chance of a passenger carrying a virus.
I can almost guarantee that the person getting on coughing sneezing is going to sit behind me or across from me. Older travellers often have some weakness in their immune system already

     I also take a small bottle of hand sanitiser that I use after visiting the bathroom(has the person before washed their hands before using this door handle?)
I use the alcohol based hand sanitiser or sanitising wipes  to discreetly wipe down the tray table,all the edges and the fastener on the tray table and the arm rests when we first get on the flight. Even the in-flight magazine covers, and the window shade. Ive seen people spray the air vent above the seat.
An interesting link to show you what actually happens on planes  Passenger Shaming

 On long haul flights I carry  a nasal mister filled with distilled water and several times in the flight when I feel my or mum's nasal membranes are dry, just take a deep breath while pumping this nasal mist into those membranes. There is a commercial version which is wonderful for blocked Sinus too

I always travel with a small medical kit in my luggage and an emergency version in my handbag or backpack when I am out for the day.
Along with mums prescription medications and usual over the counter items I pack  vitamin supplements for immunity. Headache tablets, anti diarrhea tablets, anti constipation medication, sore throat lozenges ( I choose the ones with antiseptic anesthetic), band-aids, anti itch cream (bug bites)  and some bug spray or roll-on.

I always travel with a can of a sanitising spray , there is a brand that kills 99.9% of germs and viruses on hard and soft surfaces.

 I spray hotel rooms when we enter and if we are on a cruise ship I spray our cabin upon entering then a brief spray every few days. (see my blog entry about Cruising) I know people that spray into hotel rooms air conditioning system outlet ducts, and spray all their bedding before even touching anything in the room.

I don't disagree with this, it not only makes the room smell nice but kills anything that housekeeping might be taking from room to room.
This may sound like overkill but we have never gotten sick when we have done this.

The truth about how clean hotel rooms are 


It is also important to follow the rules of healthy eating and drinking to minimise risks.

 We take a small filter drink bottle, any no matter where we are, even just interstate in Australia we use this.
It has a carbon-based filter that removes chlorine and organic contaminants from the municipal tap/potable water, it also  improves taste and has odour reduction.

 We top it up every morning. and even if we buy water during the day it goes into this bottle first.
We often see musicians and staff on the ship using these bottles as well

 In Egypt mums hat caught the wind and blew away, I went behind a shop to fetch it. I was amazed to see kids filling up tens of water bottles of a reputable bottled water brand, they were filling them at the tap from town water supply, doing the lid up wiping them and putting them in brand name boxes. So you never know what you are really buying or drinking.

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