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This is a subject hardly anyone wants to discuss , but considering around 40% of menopausal women have incontinence and around a third of women over 60 years old are incontinent, it is something that needs to be considered when you are travelling with an Elderly Traveller.

When you travel and have urinary incontinence or other bladder control problems, you may need to do extra preparations.
Taking certain precautions and doing some research as you make your travel plans can make a big difference in how well you manage your Elderly Travellers urinary incontinence while away from home. 

First consideration . how long are you going to be away?

Second . where are you going to ?

If its just a week  out of state then normally you can carry your supplies with you, or pop into the same store you use at home to buy your supplies, supermarket, pharmacies etc.

If its a longer trip than  a week (or a time practical considering their needs) then the destination is important.
Can you get what you require at your destination ?
How soon after you arrive do you need to spend a day 'pad' shopping ?
Do you know what they are called ?

Yes I've done that , spent a day 'pad' shopping, who would have thought buying incontinence pads in parts of South America would be so challenging.
A whole day going from one supermarket and pharmacy to another only to have people scratching their heads and offering us all sorts of interesting variations on our theme. Baby's nappy /diapers. Period pads, tablets, lozenges,  and in once case ear plugs.. we have no idea what they thought we wanted, but our thoughts on what to do with them had us laughing so hard we nearly demonstrated the need for the incontinence pads.

So now if we are travelling overseas I carry the words written out in their language.. and sometimes a picture of a global product.

pour incontinents (French)
منصات سلس البول Arabic
失禁墊  Chinese
vaippoja Finnish
Inkontinenzeinlagen German
σερβιέτες ακράτειας Grrek
בריחת שתן רפידות   _Hebrew
असंयम पैड  - Hindi
Inkontinensia bantalan  - Indonesian
pannoloni Italian
失禁パッド  Japanese
tuala wanita masalah lemah kawalan kencing -- Malay
almofadas de incontinência  - Portuguese
колодки недержания    Russian
pastillas de incontinencia    Spanish
para adultos pañales para la incontinencia urinaria   Spanish for adult diapers
แผ่นกลั้นปัสสาวะไม่  Thai
ผัดกระเพาะ Thai
idrar kaçırma yastıkları    Turkish
không kiểm soát miếng    Vietnamese

Brand names for the same product you buy at home will differ and might not be recognisable.
And in some countries, such as The Netherlands, absorbent products are sold only in pharmacies. 

As a rule of thumb if you are shopping in a supermarket or pharmacy drugstore go by the picture.
Normally  if your looking at a packet with a picture of a 20 something girl on it playing tennis or kayaking, then they are not the right products.
Look for the packet with the  picture of older women on them, Then try to work out which ones you need, some will have a teardrop scale or circle or cup scale on them, the more that tear drop circle is filled in the more absorbent it is.

If you can not locate any Incontinence products and things are getting quite desperate - Maternity period pads or overnight period pads are a close option.

One Elderly Traveller on a cruise ship once asked me to keep an eye out if I was shopping at the next port, as at the last port she had only a choice of tampons or babies diapers. Her next comment was that toddler diapers are fairly absorbent but a bugger to wear.

Travelling with Incontinence 2

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