Travelling Tip -Dream places board

I have seen these used for other things, life goals, positive reinforcement and visualization.

I  have used one for travel.
I use it to help build the excitement for mum.
 She has it on the back of her toilet door. 
Every time she goes in there she thinks about the trip and wants to do a little more planning or research. 
Its also a great talking point when her friends come over.

We have been lucky and travelled so much that there are few place left on her list now.
She suggested it could change to a  'Been there -Saw that' board, she could put photos up of places shes been.

The easiest way to make a board that will keep you inspired and motivated for the trip

1 Start with a cheap cork board (or you could glue it to cardboard.)

2  Get brochures from travel agents about anywhere that might interest you


3 Cut and pin pictures on your board of places you want to go. Label the pictures in case you forget where in the world it is ! Add to it as much as you like.
Its your board.

4 Put it somewhere where you can see it and it helps build the excitement.


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