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This is not about the shows your going to see or the sights, the hop on hop off buses, this is what I consider the most important piece of travel kit (besides passports and travel insurance).

The Tablet, The iPad.

I had just bought a new tablet and was going to give my 2 year old one to my adult daughter but she won her own in a competition. So I offered it to mum.

Mum is no tech guru , she does have a laptop, which she uses for online banking, checking her emails, looking up who was in the movie she was just watching on tv and playing solitaire.
Most of the time I have to jog her memory on how to do things like attachments.
She is the type that gets excited when she has correctly sent a SMS on her phone.

I thought the tablet , if used at all, would be used for solitaire and that's about it.
Was I wrong.

I hadn't removed all my apps when I gave it to her to try and next thing I know she came in asking how to play  Candy Crush Saga, then it was..what other games are there?.

So now she has a reinstalled Candy Crush Saga, Sudoku, Solitaire, jigsaw games.

These are just the start, I have loaded books on there, from her favourite authors, travel guides, to books about the places we go , like a book about Rasputin when in St Petersburg. I can also get her favourite magazines on there for light reading.

No more hauling lots of books, deciding you don't like that book a chapter in (who gives their grandmother 50 shades of grey???), or finishing a book 3 hours into a 12 hour flight.
I cant praise e-readers, kindle's or the book reader function of tablets enough.

I have put movies on her tablet, great for nights in hotels when the TV isn't in English, or you have seen the in-flight movies, even for killing an hour or two at airports.

So this keeps her amused on the plane. that's the entertainment part.

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