Travelling tips Documents 2

Document Packing List

Here's your suggested document list   - Important Documents and Necessities

•   Passport visa(s) and photocopies

(Last thing I put in each suitcase is a photocopy of the passports and visa)
•   E-tickets your flight tickets and itinerary
•   Medical and vaccination records
•   Doctors or medical care letter of travel-
outlining any medical conditions and medications
•   Copies of any prescriptions for medications
and a list of their generic names in English and local destination language
 Typed information of any medical needs or food allergies in destination language(s)
•   Travel Insurance information, including their contact information
(We both carry a copy I have printed on business card size paper at all times)
•   Credit and ATM cards Notify banks of travel plans before you leave
(We carry two different cards in case there is a problem with a card or a bank, or an ATM eats your card)
•   Contact information for credit card companies
(include the Lost or Stolen cards ring from overseas ph number)
•   Cruise documents only if cruising ??!!
•   Car rental confirmations
 Hotel reservations, with name and address in local language
 Printed maps of hotel location, with street names in local language
(often taken from hotel websites or google maps)
•   Driver's license and photocopy
•   Membership cards (NRMA, frequent flyer, National Seniors card)
•   Local destination cash
•   Home town cash- for your return and airport
•   Contact list of addresses and telephone numbers of people at home
in case a hospital needs to contact someone
•       An itinerary of the trip that includes upcoming hotels, local flights, tours etc. (I create one in a spreadsheet program)
•      Guidebook(s)

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