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I'm so taken with cruising as a way of seeing the world with an Elderly Traveller I have dedicated a whole section to it alone, the tips, joys and challenges. (Travels with my  mum - Cruising)

Needless to say when planning your cruise the choice of cruise line is of mayor importance.

If you want to have a nice time relaxing on ship, seeing interesting ports, sleeping by a quiet pool on deck then I would think twice about booking a cruise that is known for entertaining children, as that will be their main passenger, families with kids. That not is to say they aren't great but that's not the type of cruise that my Elderly Traveller wants to do. She says if she wanted to see a cartoon character she would visit his land.

Some may take this as elitist or snobbery but I have always found that in life you get what you pay for.
If you book a three star hotel you will be staying with other who booked a three star hotel.
If you wanted a 4 star hotel but hoped to save a little money by booking a three star hotel, you will be still staying with others who booked a three star hotel. Maybe some of them were really two star hotel people who splurged for a three star just this once.
 While this may not matter somewhat if its just somewhere to return to to sleep after a night exploring, on a cruise ship it takes on a whole new meaning.

Entertainment , I've been on ships with  the basic entertainment consisting of belly flop competition, hairy chest competitions, pirate chest competitions - yep females only, Lovely legs Men, bingo, limbo, passing balloons between strangers with out using hands.   I enjoy a laugh as much as the next person but if I want to relax by the pool do I want this Does mum want this , NOT AT ALL. Shes not even a fan a big screen playing a movie or music videos while she eats by the pool.

If the cruise line or a particular cruise is marketed towards a certain group then that's what they will attract. The Fun ship wont be for the laid back relaxer.
If the cruise website says Luxury, Intimate, Gracious,Gourmet  I doubt if there will be belly flop competitions

 Choosing a cruise line

There are many excellent cruise lines offering a wide variety of ships, itineraries and onboard experiences.
Some of these cater to a specific niche, some try hard to appeal to a wider market. It's important you consider what your looking for in a holiday, what types of activities you'll enjoy, what sort of onboard atmosphere you prefer and whether you like smaller or larger ships.
This will make it much easier to select the right cruise line for your tastes and budget.

General cruise line classifications

  •  Luxury
Appeals to the more sophisticated cruiser. Very upscale ships, unique amenities and itineraries.      The passenger to staff ratio is low, thus providing more refined personalised service (the staff knows your name and requirements). In most cases, all staterooms are situated for ocean views and most have balconies.       Dining is top-notch from the table setting to the food and wine.        Attire is more country-club during the day and upscale/elegant in the evening. Kids programs are few to none.

  •  Premium
An upscale experience that caters to all age groups and interests. Ships are well appointed with a unique blend of itineraries and onboard amenities. Passenger to staff ratio is still low and service is superb. Many ships have at least 80%  of the staterooms providing ocean views. Dining is upscale and well presented. Attire is more reserved or smart casual, with  certain dress requirements in the evening. Programs for kids are offered, usually segmented by age.

  •  Contemporary
Caters to first time and repeat cruisers of all age groups and interests. Ships are of very ample size, some are the biggest afloat, with a vast array of activities and amenities.                                 Numerous dining venues are available ranging from upscale to casual.
Attire is usually relaxed, although most lines do have designated formal occasions.                 Programs for kids are extensive and segmented by age.

  •  Specialty
For those interested in exploring a destination in depth, visiting smaller less frequented ports and rivers a small ship or river cruise will be perfect. These ships are much smaller than your average cruise ship, allowing a more neighbourhood-like  atmosphere. Virtually all staterooms have a river/shore view and are well appointed. Dining is elegant. Entertainment can be found in conversing with fellow passengers, lectures, or a culturally enriching show. Attire is smart casual. Most do not have kids programs, but entertainment and excursions are enjoyable for all ages.

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